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Magical place in the North Atlantic Ocean

A little less than two hours flight from Lisbon, north of the Atlantic Ocean is Madeira Island, awarded as “Best Island Destination in the World” by the World Travel Awards, deposing the equally beautiful islands of Bali and Maldives. The island of Madeira is one of the few in the world that offers the excitement and vibrancy of life on an island and, at the same time, the bustle of a city on a continental territory.

London to Madeira

3 hours 55 minutes

Lisbon to Madeira

1 hour 45 minutes

Paris to Madeira

3 hours 40 minutes

New York to Madeira

direct 6 hours 20 minutes or 8 hours 30 minutes via Lisbon

New York to Los Angeles

6 hours 16 minutes


Statistics show a positive evolution of 21.9 % increase of the price per m2 in November 2023 compared to November 2022. These values are supported on the fact that the Autonomous Region of Madeira is the only tourist destination in Portugal with a permanent spring climate.
Tourism has a strong influence on the economic development of Madeira, representing an opportunity for investment in the Real Estate Sector. The focus on this sector has been notorious in recent years, also counting on government support for the improvement of the infrastructure of Madeira Island.
The statistical analyses show a progressive growth of the real estate market over the last few years in Madeira Island, with the price increase per m2 in the purchase and lease of real estate.


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Benefits of  investing in madeira


"Flower Island" or "Floating Garden of the Atlantic"

EU Citizenship

EU Citizenship after 5 years, Portuguese passport 6th strongest in the world - Free movement worldwide

Golden VISA 2022 Approved

After 2022 changes in the legislation, Madeira is one of the last places in Portugal, where you can buy residential real estate and obtain EU family residency

Work and Business

Opportunity to work & conduct business in Portugal & EU

EU Education

Free EU Education for your children

Real estate

Booming real estate market

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Map of Madeira

Funchal, the capital of the island, is the place to be. The city is not only the main tourist center, but also the political, economic and academic center where all higher education institutions, including the University of Madeira, are located.

With a population of 105,795 inhabitants (data from 2021), Funchal is the main city of Madeira and has about 42% of the population of the entire archipelago.

Given the population density, the real estate market of Funchal is home mostly to apartments and villas, leaving aside tourist developments whose sector has a strong influence on the economic development of the region.


Porto Moniz Lava

Natural Swimming Pools


Home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Madeira Seixal Beach is a stunning stretch of black sand with an incredible mountain backdrop featuring ridges and waterfalls

Miradouro da Ponta do Rosto

One of the best views in Maderia

Our Favorite Restaurants in Funchal

Villa Cipriani

Do Forte

CEO David Rabi in Cipriani Madeira

What a View!


Did you know that in good weather conditions, you are allowed to go 10 km/h faster in Madeira ?

One of Thomas Jefferson’s favourite wines, Madeira, was used to toast the U.S. Declaration of Independence. A bottle of Madeira was used to christen the USS Constitution in 1797.

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