Your Ultimate Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa 2022

The ultimate guide with practical and up-to-date information on the Golden Visa program

What is the Portugal Golden Visa Program?

The Portugal Golden Visa program, also known as the residence permit for investment activity, is a residency by investment scheme designed for non-EU citizens. It is the fastest program to obtain EU residence permit through investment activity in Europe.

The initiative was set up by the Portuguese government to boost the economy through foreign investments. It works by granting investors Portuguese residency for investment in different areas of the country.

Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa

EU Residency

Family EU Residency (including children & parents)

EU Citizenship

EU Citizenship after 5 years, Portuguese passport 6thstrongest in the world - Free movement worldwide

No residency requirement

No requirement to reside in Portugal, only visit of 7 days per year

Work and Business

Opportunity to work & conduct business in Portugal & EU

EU Education

Free EU Education for your children

Real estate

Booming real estate market

Income from Rent

Possibility of renting out the property after purchase & generating stable passive income

Easy investment exit

Easy investment exit with possibility to sell the property after 5 years and benefit from price appreciation

Investment from €280,000

Real Estate Investments from €280,000

Golden Visa Process and Timeline

The detail process of getting your golden visa in hand in the next 6 months.

Step 1
1 day

Signing a contract with a law firm for the provision of Golden Visa service

Step 2
2-4 weeks

Client signs power of attorney for lawyers to act on behalf of him and submit for TAX number, open bank account in Portugal

Step 3
1 - 2 weeks

Choosing the right investment together with DRP Advisers

Step 4
1-10 days

Investment purchase

Step 5
2-6 weeks

Collection of documents and online submission of the Golden Visa application to SEF

Step 6
3-6 months

Collecting of biometric data & submission of the original documents, personal visit to Portugal is required

Step 7
3 months

Golden Visa approval

What are the requirements for 2022?


Any non-EU/EEA/Swiss national can apply for the Portugal Golden Visa;


You’re required to be at least 18 years old and hold a clean criminal record from your home country;


The funds for the investment should arrive from outside of Portugal;


Make and maintain a qualified investment for 5 years;


Spend a minimum of 7 days annually in the country;


Under family reunification, you may extend the Golden Visa to the rest of the family members;


The main applicant needs to make the investment from a bank account in Portugal (you must also have a NIF number, which is a tax identification number in Portugal, to open the account).

What are the investment categories for Portugal Golden Visa Program?

There are a few different investment categories that qualify an investor for the Portugal Golden Visa. PGV offers these investment options:

Real Estate Acquisition

Fund Subscription

Capital Transfer



Real Estate Acquisition

The lowest real estate investment threshold for the Golden Visa Program in Portugal is €280,000. In order to qualify for this option, the property needs to be older than 30 years old, renovated and located in a low-density area.

Another real estate acquisition option is getting a new property for €500,000 or choose to go with an urban where the minimum investment value drops down to €350,000. The objective of this option is to promote urban rehabilitation and offer the investors a series of benefits for contributing to the renovation of the property in return. This option is called “Urban Rehabilitation Real Estate Investment for Golden Visa”.

As of January 1st, 2022, areas where you can invest in real estate to qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa have been restricted. Residential properties purchased in Lisbon, Porto or the coastal towns do not qualify for the program. However, you can choose to invest in commercial properties and hotel investments in these locations and residential in the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.


Invest a minimum of €500,000:

  • in an existing Portuguese business, where the incorporated business must create a minimum of 5 new full-time jobs for at least 3 years;
  • creating a minimum of 8 new full-time jobs in a Portuguese business formed in a low-density area, owned by the main applicant;
  • creating a minimum of 10 new full-time jobs in a Portuguese business that is owned by yourself as the main applicant.

Here, you have 2 options:

  • Invest a minimum of €250,000 in preserving national heritage, and
  • Invest a minimum of €500,000 in a research and development activity.
Capital Transfer

A minimum of €1,5 million capital transfer to Portugal is required.

Fund Subscription

A minimum of €500,000 subscription in a venture capital Portuguese fund is required.

Required Documentations


Copy of a passport or the government-issued travel document;


Proof of evidence of the qualifying investment made by the main applicant individually;


Criminal record of the current country of residence;


A sworn declaration on compliance with the minimum investment requirements for the necessary time period of 5 years;


Documents outlining good standing with the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority & Social Security System;


Receipt of ARI application payment.

The Application

The Golden Visa application is quite straightforward. If you take the necessary steps, you’ll have a successful application process. Check the steps below.

Step 1:

Decide on your Investment

Step 2:

Get a NIF and Open a Bank Account

Step 3:

Finalize the Investment

Step 4:

Gather all necessary documents

Step 5:

Submit Pre-Application

Step 6:

Schedule and Attend your SEF Appointment

Step 7:

Get your Golden Visa and Renew

Step 8:

Become a Portuguese Citizen

Fees and Costs

In addition to the minimum investment, you make and the necessary fees related to the transaction of the investment property, you will be faced with legal fees and government application fees, such as:

Processing Fee:

once at the beginning and then at each renewal €533 per applicant

Initial Application Fee:

once at the beginning €5,325 per applicant

Renewal Application Fee:

at each renewal €2,663 per person


It can take up to eight months for SEF to approve and provide a biometrics appointment date. As the main applicant, you and all your dependents should book the SEF appointment. After the in-person interview, you will receive your Golden Visa Cards. It typically takes around 6-8 months to receive these residence permit cards.

Who we are and
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