Benefit from low mortgage rates

Depending on the prime rate, your monthly payment may or may not fluctuate under a variable rate or fixed rate mortgage. Portuguese mortgage providers frequently adjust the monthly payment every six months to reflect this favorable rate.

DRP advisers provide detailed information on the various mortgage products available in Portugal, including interest rates and costs, as well as the steps and paperwork required. We also provide guidance on how to apply for a mortgage in Portugal more easily and smoothly.

Receive property tax breaks

The amount of property tax you pay is determined by whether your house is your primary residence, a vacation home, or a rental property. Tax breaks may be beneficial. For example, purchasing a property in a redeveloped urban area or a property deemed to be of state, public, or municipal interest may be eligible for tax breaks.

There may be ways to reduce your tax obligation depending on how you calculate the increase in the value of your property, but you should first consult with a tax expert. We provide personal guidance based on your specific situation.

Speed up the mortgage process

You can tailor your home search in terms of price, style, and neighborhood by conducting a preliminary analysis of your financial situation.

A mortgage loan also provides you with certain benefits.
  • You specify a price range for the homes you are considering.
  • You decide what kind of property you can afford.
  • You receive more precise responses.

Get experienced mortgage advisers

Seek professional advice or have a suitability check done to determine your eligibility for a mortgage in Portugal. Understand each step of applying for and receiving a mortgage from the start to save time.

DRP Advisers has in-house mortgage experts to help you with all of your financial needs. Our mortgage department collaborates with all of Portugal's major banks to identify the best financing option for your real estate purchase.

Property insurance

Choose the appropriate insurance for your Portuguese home, villa, or apartment. Insure your home affordably with features such as liability, water damage, emergency, legal defense, plumbing, and gutter cleaning.

Obtain legal audits from credit institutions.

Banks provide loans for secure properties. Inexperienced buyers may not check the property documentation because they lack legal expertise. The bank examines the property to be funded on both a legal and technical level.

The bank's team of legal specialists will examine the title deeds, the non-operating certificate (CNO), and all other original documents pertaining to the property. DRP Advisers assist you in obtaining the best mortgage assistance from the lender.

Get Excellent advisory service

Utilize a lender's mortgage consultant to help you find the best deal, organize your primary options, and guide you through the mortgage application and approval process. They will help you with your mortgage, keep your home secure, and keep your payments current.

According to the DRP experts, obtaining a mortgage should be simple. No matter what your financial or personal situation is, rely on our knowledgeable team to provide you with excellent assistance. We go above and beyond to ensure you get the help you need.

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