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drp Mission

Portugal’s leading consultancy for locals and expats around the world. With our extensive
portfolio of properties, we provide smart, creative solutions for both buyers and sellers to ensure
you optimize your purchase, sale or investment.

Our trusted advisers are meticulosity trained in their individual specialised areas in order to provide
innovative solutions for investors. Our specialist teams not only have exclusive insight into the most
attractive investment opportunities they also have the most comprehensive knowledge and
understanding of current legislations and how they can work for you.

Why should you choose DRP Advisers as your trusting partner in Portugal?

We are DRP Advisers and we offer an exceptional service in the Portuguese real estate market for you.
Top 10 Golden Visa Agencies in Portugal
You will be Saving So Much Time. DRP Advisers will coordinate everything for you, from meetings with the best lawyers, bankers to meetings with developers, property owners.
Updated portfolio with 100+ investment options
Unlike many other agencies you find online, we are a local company and based in Portugal
We are Client Agents, not Developer Agents. Most of the agencies in Portugal receive commissions from the developers, not clients. Agents have no reason to be committed to understanding buyers and meeting their needs unless something in their portfolio fits them. Many clients witnessed unethical practices of agencies to close the sales such as withholding information and offering projects where they receive the highest commissions.
Price Negotiations And Guidance. As most of the agencies in Portugal work from a seller perspective, they don't like to negotiate the prices. DRP on the other hand has good relationships with local developers and though in a current market it has become difficult to negotiate the prices, we always try to find the best solutions for both parties to be satisfied. We managed to get discounts, free furniture packages or higher guaranteed yields for our clients.
It All Starts With Knowledge. We are more than just an agency, we are the analysts in the real estate market, we build strategies for clients.
We are one of the few agencies, which are licenced in Portugal by IMPIC (Instituto dos Mercados Públicos, do Imobiliário e da Construção) holding AMI Licence 21431

David RaBi

Founder of DRP Advisers, corporate lawyer with extensive experience in international tax, financial services, financial technology and real estate.

"As an entrepreneur active in several cities and countries around the world, I am confident that Lisbon has enormous potential to continue to develop as one of Europe's main capitals

"I feel home in Portugal"

"Portugal has everything you could ever dream of: 365 sunny days a year, safety, delicious food, low cost of living, good education & international schools, friendly & open people. "

DRP Team

David Rabi

Founder of DRP

Founder of DRP, corporate lawyer with extensive experience in international tax, financial services, financial technology and real estate.

DRP CEO Mr. David Rabi invested 13,5 million in new real estate development in the centre of Lisbon

Renata Abulaesova

Client Director

Client Director at DRP, performs business development functions and advises clients on Portuguese Golden Visa and Real Estate Investments.

“From 2016 to 2022, in the cities of Lisbon & Porto, the average residential asking prices increased by 49% and 83%, respectively. Now is the best time to invest in Portugal..”

Guy Oren

Advisor, CEO & Co-Founder of Poolz
Virtual assets market & international investment strategist

Shalom Iloz

Ericeira Property Consultant


Helping gain freedom with residency and citizenship in Portugal since 2015.
We develop individual solutions for our clients to remove visa restrictions, create a safe haven for them and their families, legally reduce their taxes and also support them throughout the immigration process.


Since 2015 we have been helping clients with finding their dream homes & investment opportunities in Portugal.