madeira free zone License Application Process

Free trade zone

Your company can benefit from Portugal's laws and regulations just like any other business, without having to apply for costly permits and visas. Take advantage of the tax breaks available to companies operating in the Madeira Free Zone. Stamp duty, property tax, real estate sales tax, and municipal and local taxes are all waived.

  • Submit the license application to S.D.M. in duplicate.
  • The application can be made by existing companies in Portugal or abroad, companies to be incorporated, or branches.
  • The application should include relevant information such as company name and address, the activity to be developed (with its CAE code), total investment value, and the number of jobs to be created.
  • The license is granted after proving the constitution and registration of the company or branch.


The Corporate Income Tax (IRC) benefits offered by the Madeira International Business Center (CINM) are indeed attractive for companies and their shareholders. Under this scheme, eligible companies can benefit from a reduced corporate income tax rate of 5% and other tax advantages. However, the benefit is subject to certain limitations based on the number of jobs created and the eligible taxable income.

Here are the maximum ceilings for the eligible taxable income based on the number of jobs created:  

1 to 2 jobs: €2,730,000
3 to 5 jobs: €3,550,000
6 to 30 jobs: €21,870,000
31 to 50 jobs: €35,540,000
51 to 100 jobs: €54,680,000
More than 100 jobs: €205,500,000

In essence, the number of jobs created by a company operating within the CINM will determine the maximum taxable income that can benefit from the reduced corporate income tax rate of 5%. The more jobs created, the higher the maximum eligible taxable income.  

This system is designed to incentivize job creation and economic activity in the Madeira Free Zone, thereby providing favorable tax conditions for companies while contributing to the region's economic development. It's important to note that tax regulations and benefits may change over time, so it's advisable to consult with tax professionals or legal experts to ensure compliance with current regulations and to optimize the benefits available under the CINM scheme.

Low operating costs

Profit from Madeira's low taxes, good infrastructure, low operating costs, safety, and high living standards. There are numerous options available to improve the efficiency and performance of various types of investments. It also has very low energy and telecommunications costs, as well as a generally low cost of living.

When establishing a company in Madeira, you can anticipate significant cost savings because we guide you on affordable human resources and rates for a variety of goods and services in comparison to the rest of Europe.

Enhance business Operations

Make use of the Madeira International Business Center's services to start, grow, and manage your business. All company activity within MIBC is subject to the same administrative, inspection, and monitoring processes, as well as customs, tax, and financial requirements.

Get professional advice from DRP Advisers on how to improve business operations in the Madeira Free Zone. Obtain the necessary guidance and organizational setups for employees who are not permanent residents of Portugal to benefit from the Golden Visa program.

Freedom of establishment & services

Our team understands how inconvenient notary fees can be. We make sure you're stress-free so you can focus on what's really important. Let us help you start a business in Madeira and take advantage of the 5% tax rate.

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