Double Tax Treaties

The Double Taxation Prevention Treaty allows you to do business with other countries without having to worry about paying taxes on your profits. The terms of the Double Taxation Prevention Treaty safeguard your Madeira-based businesses' profitability. You have full access to the entire world.

Our DRP consultants provide you with detailed information on the legal implications of the Portuguese Double Taxation Agreements. Obtain legal counsel before starting a business in Madeira. Learn more about the Portuguese tax system and stay on the safer side.

Free trade zone

Your company can benefit from Portugal's laws and regulations just like any other business, without having to apply for costly permits and visas. Take advantage of the tax breaks available to companies operating in the Madeira Free Zone. Stamp duty, property tax, real estate sales tax, and municipal and local taxes are all waived.

Here is how you get tax brakes.
  • Participate in tax-exemption programs and utilize the Patent Box system.
  • Automate the VAT registration process when forming a company,.
  • Be exempt from withholding taxes on dividends, interest, and royalties—all except dividends paid to organizations with a legal presence in tax havens..
  • Pay less or zero capital gains tax, notary costs, or registration fees.

Enjoy a stable tax regime

It is valid for ten years, beginning with the year you registered to become a tax resident of Portugal. Take advantage of the 20% special tax rate on work and self-employment income when you engage in high-value added activities.

We help you register with the Portuguese tax authorities for tax purposes and submit an application for non-regular resident status. Ongoing tax counsel is provided on all Portuguese tax matters.

Low operating costs

Profit from Madeira's low taxes, good infrastructure, low operating costs, safety, and high living standards. There are numerous options available to improve the efficiency and performance of various types of investments. It also has very low energy and telecommunications costs, as well as a generally low cost of living.

When establishing a company in Madeira, you can anticipate significant cost savings because we guide you on affordable human resources and rates for a variety of goods and services in comparison to the rest of Europe.

Enhance business Operations

Make use of the Madeira International Business Center's services to start, grow, and manage your business. All company activity within MIBC is subject to the same administrative, inspection, and monitoring processes, as well as customs, tax, and financial requirements.

Get professional advice from DRP Advisers on how to improve business operations in the Madeira Free Zone. Obtain the necessary guidance and organizational setups for employees who are not permanent residents of Portugal to benefit from the Golden Visa program.

Freedom of establishment & services

Our team understands how inconvenient notary fees can be. We make sure you're stress-free so you can focus on what's really important. Let us help you start a business in Madeira and take advantage of the 5% tax rate.

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