Property Purchase with Cryptocurrency

DRP Advisers are pleased to provide a unique service with a possibility of buying with us a property in exchange for most of the cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is emerging and now property buying with cryptocurrency is possible. We are glad to be part of this evolution and allow our clients to be part of that as well.

Cryptocurrency is proving to be less of a trend and more of an evolution that’s here to stay. And with the huge growth of Bitcoin, it makes sense that investors are thinking big when it comes to invest or buy with cryptocurrency.

Purchase with DRP can be executed via FNTX’s ‘Real Estate Exchange’ platform which facilitates real-estate ownership and exchange via crypto transactions. FNTX Capital Suisse, is a swiss based regulated company, crypto payments specialist and OTC liquidity provider, that will assist our clients with property purchase in Portugal via bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The platform is updated in real-time with cryptocurrency pricing for each listed property.

Properties in Portugal purchased via cryptocurrency with DRP Advisers & FNTX Capital Suisse

3-Bedroom Ocean-view Penthouse

Ericeira, Portugal

2-Bedroom Ocean-view Apartment

Ericeira, Portugal

2- Bedroom Apartment in the city centre

Lisbon, Portugal

Beach Luxury Resort

Lagos, Portugal

What are the advantages?

This could become an important moment for the purchasing power of cryptocurrencies. Historically, large purchases with cryptocurrencies has always been a difficult process of large-scale conversion to fiat, taxes and bureaucracy.

1.You’ll be converting a less stable asset into a more stable one. The market value of cryptocurrency can vary from month to month, week to week, and even day to day. On the other hand, Real Estate is more likely to vary over longer periods of time.

2.Direct cryptocurrency transfers can happen much faster than traditional ones. Just like with a cash sale or a bank transfer, a direct cryptocurrency sale from one party to another, cuts out the hassle and paperwork associated.

Interested in buying properties with Cryptocurrency?

If you’re consider using cryptocurrency to buy a property with you can do it with us and our partner FNTX. The process is streamlined — no hurdles.

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