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Portugal Golden Visa for Business Establishment or Expansion


Portugal Golden Visa for Business Establishment or Expansion


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Incorporate a company in Portugal and create job positions for residents

Job Creation. Creation of a minimum of 10 new full-time jobs in a Portuguese business that is owned by yourself as the main applicant


Incorporating/Expanding Commercial Companies: Another viable avenue is to make capital transfers equal to or exceeding €500,000 for the incorporation of a commercial company with its headquarters in Portugal. This should be combined with the creation of at least five permanent jobs in such company. Alternatively, investors can opt to increase the share capital of an existing commercial company headquartered in Portugal in the amount of €500,000, with the condition of generating five permanent jobs or maintaining ten jobs for a minimum period of three years, five of them need to be permanent.

Take advantage of the tax breaks available to companies operating in the Madeira Free Zone. Only 5% Corporate Tax.

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