Why Portugal is the best Residency by Investment Program in 2023?


Invest in Portugal to qualify for EU family residency. Your family receives a Golden Visa for EU residence, good for five years when you spend at least 280,000 euros on real estate.

The residence visa for investment activity sometimes referred to as the Portugal Golden Visa program is a residency by-investment program created for non-EU nationals. The scheme is the quickest way to get anEU residency visa and citizenship after 5 years.

The Portuguese government started the program to increase economic growth by attracting international capital. It providesPortugal's residents with investors who invest in various regions.

Some of the major benefits of the PortugalGolden Visa are,

·      Family EU Residency (including children & parents)

·      Citizen of the EU

·      There is no necessity to live there; you may merely visit for seven days a year.

·      Opportunity for Employment andBusiness in Portugal and the EU

·      The potential to rent out the property after acquisition and create a reliable passive income

·      Effortless investment exit

·      A simple investment exit that offers the chance to sell the home after five years and profit from price growth

The minimum real estate investment inPortugal for the Golden Visa Program is €280,000. The property must be renovated, older than 30 years old, and situated in a low-density region to qualify for this option.

Purchasing a brand-new home for €500,000 or selecting an urban location, where the minimum investment value reduces to €350,000, are two further real estate buying options. This alternative seeks to encourage urban restoration while providing investors with several advantages in exchange for their assistance renovating the property. "UrbanRehabilitation Real Estate Investment for Golden Visa" is the name of this choice.

To remove visa restrictions, create a haven for them and their families, legally lower their taxes, and support our clients throughout the immigration process, we develop customized solutions for each of them.

DRP Advisors:

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