What EU Citizenship Means for Your Children?


The European Union (EU) has grown in recent years as new countries have joined. The passport issued by the EU is one of the most powerful in the world. Obtaining an EU passport will benefit your child in a variety of ways, including unrestricted access to live, work, and transact business anywhere in the EU. Here's what EU citizenship means for your children.

Subsidized Education

Europe is home to some of the world's best universities. If you're worried about your child or grandchild getting into a reputable university, investing in EU citizenship may be the best option. By broadening your opportunities in an EU country, you increase their chances of being able to afford a top-tier education.

Furthermore, if your child or grandchild excels academically, they may be eligible for one of the numerous scholarships offered by various European colleges. In this sense, having European citizenship not only provides your children with better educational opportunities, but also lowers tuition costs.


One of the primary benefits of having an EU passport is that everyone in the EU has access to free healthcare. This is regardless of which European country they live in. Furthermore, the Schengen Agreement and its visa policy allow you and your family to travel freely between member countries without worrying about health insurance.

By investing in EU citizenship, children can receive high-quality healthcare throughout the EU. This is one of the benefits of obtaining a second citizenship through investment. This will benefit European families greatly, from financial savings to access to superior medical care.

Employment opportunities

EU citizens are allowed to work in all union member states without a work visa or permit. Your children will find it easier to work in Europe. Some businesses may refuse to hire non-EU nationals due to their uncertain immigration status.

The EU has strict labor laws that ensure your children's complete worker protection. They will not face unfair dismissal or discrimination. Therefore, having citizenship in an EU member state may be a significant benefit for some people. It simplifies working and doing business in Europe. Furthermore,

Dual European Citizenship

For many people, second citizenship is a fantasy. If you can obtain a new passport, your children will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of EU citizenship. Aside from that, they can flaunt their accomplishment to the world by donning this status insignia.

The global Covid pandemic in 2020 demonstrated the value of dual citizenship. Holding an EU passport provides your children an alternative to their home country's economic, social, political, and even health insecurity. Not to mention that Portugal has the world's most affordableGolden Visa scheme, allowing you to enroll your entire family.

Getting EU Citizenship

A second citizenship through investment is becoming amore popular option. A second passport could be an excellent way to protect your family and secure your children's future. If you want to settle in the EU or obtain EU citizenship, get in touch with us right away. We'll lay out your options and determine the best course of action for your specific situation. 

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