Portugal Golden Visa Statistics (2012-2022)


Portugal offers the Golden Visa program, allowing individuals to invest and live in Portugal. According to Portugal Golden Visa statistics, the program is quite popular among investors, digital nomads, and families.Here is a detailed overview of data and statistics on the Portugal Golden Visa.

All Time Statistics  (2012-2022)

Since its inception in2012, the Golden Visa program has granted permits to 10,422 individual applicants and 17,426 family members. Of these applicants, 9,729 have chosen to invest in real estate, while 693 have chosen to transfer funds to a variety of government-approved investment funds. In addition, 20 residence permits were distributed to individuals who created 10 or more jobs.

Among those who made property investments, 8,667 purchased homes worth more than€500,000, while 1,131 decided to put more than €350,000 toward urban renewal initiatives. Altogether, 6,189,957,718 euros have entered Portugal, supporting the country's policy of encouraging immigration to help the economy.


As of this writing, 11,060 candidates have received Golden Visas for Portugal, with 18,193 accompanying family members. Real estate is the most popular investment option for those with aPortuguese Golden Residence Permit. This has proven to be a very popular and adaptable method for investors looking to access Europe.

Chinese investors have held the top spot since the program's inception, with 4,943investors. Brazilians are close behind in second place with 1,024. Investors from South Africa, Russia, and Turkey all made the top five. However, as more countries request membership, China's share is decreasing.

Investment Statistics 2012-2022

Since it's inception in 2012, the PortugueseGolden Visa program has granted residency to 10,254 investors and 17,221eligible international investor families. The programme has risen to become one of Europe's most popular.

·      Since October 2012, the Portugal Golden Visa Fund has received over 6,459,984,421.99euros.

·      A total of 5,797,516,350.60 euros have been set aside for real estate investments.

·      A Portuguese Golden Visa has been granted to 10,983 investors and 18,068 family members.

·      10,158 or 92%, of the Portuguese Golden Visa applications were ultimately approved.

·      803 Golden Visas were granted to investors through capital transfers.

Changes to Portugal GoldenVisa January 2022

In February 2020, the Portuguese Parliament approved a budget proposal to amend the Golden Visa program. The Parliament's mission is to promote investment in less densely populated areas, urban renewal, job creation, and cultural heritage preservation. The modifications went in to effect on January 1, 2022.

·     The required minimum investment for the investment fund option will be increased to €500,000.

·     The minimum investment for the capital transfer option is now €1.5 million rather than €1 million.

·     The Golden Visa is only valid for real estate investments in Portugal's less populous regions. This means that residential property purchased in Lisbon and Porto will be rendered null and void. Commercial properties, on the other hand, will remain acceptable.

The Path to Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal, in general, is a safe haven for people with Golden Visas. It is less complicated than other types of immigration options and allows you to relocate with your family. If you have the financial means and have always wanted to live in Southern Europe, this immigration route may be ideal for you.For more information, get in touch with us.

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