Last Call: Portugal Golden Visa News


There's breaking news from Portugal: The Parliament has decided to terminate the renowned Golden Visa program for real estate investments. The President reapproved this yesterday, and the law's official publication is expected within the next 7 days, after which the program will end for real estate investment route. However, applications submitted before the official publication will still benefit from the existing conditions.

Given the urgency and potential benefits, we wanted to offer you a straightforward guide on how to seize this last-minute opportunity:

Your Quick Guide to Catch the Golden Visa:

  1. Engage a Lawyer: The very first step is to acquire a Portuguese tax number (NIF). This is crucial for any subsequent procedures.
  2. Decide on Your Investment: While many of our clients opt for real estate, the key is to act promptly. And even if the Golden Visa isn't your primary motivation, Portuguese real estate, particularly in areas like Lisbon, Porto, and Funchal, remains a lucrative proposition.
  3. Secure Your Funds: To expedite the process, you can transfer your funds directly to a Portuguese law firm's escrow account. This will circumvent the usual delays associated with opening a bank account in Portugal.

Remember, one of the distinct advantages of the Golden Visa is that it doesn't mandate prolonged stays in Portugal – a mere 7-day visit annually over 5 years suffices. Post this, you can apply for citizenship, and with Portugal boasting one of the world's top passports, the future prospects for you and your family are vast.

Our team at DRP Advisers is geared up to support you every step of the way, ensuring that the process remains as seamless as possible. So, if you've ever contemplated making a move, the moment is now.

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