IMPORTANT/ Government of Madeira is against Portugal Golden Visa Program Cancellation


The Portuguese government has recently announced its intention to end the Golden Visa program, a popular investment program that grants residency to non-EU citizens who invest in the country's real estate market. The decision has sparked controversy, with some officials, such as the President of Madeira, expressing opposition to the move.

According to a recent report by the Portuguese news outlet Visão, the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, has spoken out against the government's decision, saying that it will have negative consequences for the region's economy. Madeira, a popular tourist destination, has benefited greatly from the Golden Visa program, which has helped attract foreign investment and stimulate the local real estate market.

Albuquerque stated that he would be lobbying the government to reconsider its decision, and called for a more nuanced approach that would allow the program to continue in certain regions, such as Madeira.

The announcement of the government's decision to end the Golden Visa program has also caused concern among investors, who fear that it will lead to a decline in foreign investment in Portugal. However, officials have reassured investors that the government remains committed to attracting foreign investment, and that alternative investment programs will be introduced in the near future.

While the fate of the Golden Visa program remains uncertain, the Portuguese government's decision has sparked a debate about the best way to attract foreign investment while also addressing concerns about rising real estate prices and the impact of foreign investment on local communities. As the situation develops, it is likely that we will continue to see lively discussions and debates around this issue.

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