Funchal – A Welcoming City in the Portuguese Archipelago of Madeira


The Portugal Golden Visa is known to offer the opportunity to invest in select destinations in Portugal with high numbers of tourists, and Funchal happens to be one of them. Funchal, the capital of Madeira, is the largest city, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by hills, and is also known for its gardens, harbor, and wine cellars. Funchal is home to centuries-old structures like the Funchal Cathedral, which now houses the Contemporary Art Museum, with a broad collection of Portuguese pieces.

Funchal has a welcoming population, exquisite restaurants, numerous tourist activities, beaches, and Real Estate. The spectacular ocean views, delightful squares, tree-lined boulevards, and traditional Portuguese architecture are typical of Madeira’s south coast city of Funchal. Here is a closer look at what the city of Funchal offers tourists and investors.

• Restaurants

There are numerous options when it comes to restaurants in Funchal. A few restaurants like the Alta Vista, Indian Palace Restaurant, Sabor da India, Come Together, Restaurante Informal, Galeria Restaurante, La Vaca Negra, Marisqueira Splendida, Dona Nina, Cris’s Palace, and Portaliano are famous and known to attract large numbers of tourists and diners.


With so much to do, one may wonder where to start. Some must-do things in Funchal are; visiting the Funchal Cathedral, touring the old town of Funchal, checking out the street art of Rua da Santa Maria, visiting the Gardens, Whale Watching, visiting Mercados dos Lavradores farmers market, viewing from the Monte cable car, taking Wicker Toboggan Sled Rides, tasting Madeira wine and many other activities.

• Beaches

Funchal is packed with many beaches to select from, and here are a few phenomenal ones popular amongst tourists and locals alike. Praia Arieero, Praia Formosa, Gorgulho Beach, Doca do Cavacas swimming complex, Praia do Almirante Reis, Sao Tiago Beach, Barreirhina swimming complex, Lido swimming complex, and Pocas do Governador swimming complex.

• Real Estate

Funchal is a great destination for real estate investment because of the high demand for accommodation from the many tourists flocking in. Funchal is strategically-placed, and investing in Hotels or apartments guarantees an excellent return on investment. Highly reputable big-name hotel brands such as the Hilton, Pestana Carlton, Hyatt, and many others also have a presence in Funchal. It is also relatively easy to purchase real estate.

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