DRP Advisers in São Pedro do Sul/ Portugal Golden Visa for 280,000 € Investments


DRP Advisers would like to invite you today to an exciting journey to explore São Pedro do Sul located in the north of Portugal.

European Residency for the whole family + Real Estate Investments

São Pedro do Sul is a municipality in the Central Portuguese district of Viseu. The seat of this municipality is the city of São Pedro do Sul, world wide famous for the thermal baths dating back to pre-Roman time.

They are among the most important thermal stations in Portugal being the top destination for tourists and visitors looking for health treatment. This venue combines wellness, health and leisure. The waters are recognized for their mineral and medicinal effects. Nowadays, these thermal stations have modern equipment, as well as several leisure structures.

São Pedro do Sul is only 2 hours from Lisbon and 45 mins from Porto. There is a local airport in Viseu just 25 mins away. We usually start our trip in Lisbon or Porto where together with our guests we drive to the location.

Once we arrive to our destination, we usually like to start with a short tour for our guests to learn more about the city and local culture.

Sao Pedro offers a truly unique Portuguese wellness experience with beautiful landscape, nature and relaxation.

A residential project in the heart of the touristic area of São Pedro do Sul.

Did you know that you can get Golden Visa for your whole family only for 280,000 Euros? If you buy a property in low-density areas of Portugal and São Pedro do Sul is one of them, the minimum investment is only 280,000 Euros and not 500,000 Euros.

How to get Portugal Golden Visa for 280,000 €

Would you like to visit São Pedro do Sul with our team?

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