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DRP Advisers would like to invite you today to an exciting journey to explore a beautiful city of Evora, the hidden gem of Portugal.

European Residency for the whole family + Real Estate Investments

Having an office in Evora and many profitable real estate opportunities there, we regularly travel to this city with our clients. Did you know that you can get Golden Visa for your whole family only for 280.000 Euros? If you buy a property in low-density areas of Portugal and Evora is one of them, the minimum investment is only 280,000 Euros and not 500,000 Euros.

How to get Portugal Golden Visa for 280,000 €

We usually start our trip in Lisbon where together with our guests we drive about 60 minutes by car to get to Evora. The city is located in Alentejo, a large region on the South of Portugal, bordered on the North by the Tagus River and on the South by the popular region called Algarve.

Once we arrive to our destination, we usually like to start with a short tour for our guests to learn more about the city and local culture.

The city dates back more than 5,000 years. In the Evora old town you will find many historic monuments, stunning architecture, religious sites, museums and buildings within walking distance from each other. With its history, pleasant weather, no wonder it has been named as one of the Most Liveable Cities in Portugal.

From the very first moment when you arrive in Evora, everyone is noticing how many tourists daily visiting the city and some of them are staying for a couple of days to enjoy the good weather, locally produced wine, historical city and long conversations with the Portuguese people, who like to show their beautiful country to guests.

Why to invest in real estate in Evora?

Due to its extensive historical and cultural importance, in the past few years Evora has seen a huge increase in the tourism sector, which led to the creation of many hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, Airbnb renting and various other styles of accommodation.

But why we love Evora from the real estate investment point of view? One word: low-risk.

Evora is a relatively small city, so finding a good investment, is like finding a diamond, you need to know the market, region and local prices. That is why we have our own office with team of real estate brokers and analysts. Most of them were born in the city and know every little corner of Evora, so when a new opportunity is coming, our team is the first one to know and informed.

Apart from difficulties in finding the right investments to buy, it is not so easy to find the property to rent, because of the limited options, which is definitely a good reason to buy if you are lucky enough to find a good property.

One of the oldest Universities in Portugal, the University of Evora, is located in the historical part of the city. University is popular not only among Portuguese but also has a lot of foreign students. Currently, there are about 10000 students enrolled. They all need a place to live and unfortunately, there are not so many options in the city for them. That is why many of our clients bought houses in Evora and are currently renting them to students, which brings them a regular stable income and security, as there are always going to be students looking for accommodation. Evora, unlike big cities, has no speculation with prices on the real estate market. Additionally, as we mentioned in the beginning, investment can be only for 280,000 Euros and not 500.000 Euros, as Evora is qualified for a low-density area.

Apart from students, there are many families that are looking for houses to rent and due to the high rate of tourist visitors, Airbnb is also of the options, although Lisbon, Porto and other big cities are still considered a better choice for the Airbnb rental model.

Golden Visa Apartment inside the historical centre of Evora

Why do we recommend to work with a local agency that has a present office in the city? First of all, if you are not planning to live in Evora and consider it exclusively as an investment and way to get Golden Visa, you will most likely rent the property. But who wants to deal with all the overwhelmed paperwork, constant communication with the tenants about the broken chairs or bulbs?

Moreover, when you buy the investment for 280,000 Euros, one of the conditions from the government is to renovate the property (renovation price is included in 280,000 Euros) you will face the problem of communication with the local construction company, that sometimes don’t speak good English. Why would you need to bring additional problems and headaches to your life, when you can just work with the local company, that already been through this process many times and knows all the underwater rocks.

Evora offers a truly unique Portuguese experience, with a distinctive heritage, delicious regional cuisines and an infectious unhurried pace of life, that is so wanted by people from big crowded cities.

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