Closing Window on the Golden Visa Program Spurs Demand: Seize Exceptional Investment Opportunities in Madeira with DRP Advisers


As the changes to the Golden Visa Program in Portugal rapidly approach, there's been a surge in demand from investors looking to secure their investments before the program's conclusion. At DRP Advisers, we're here to guide you through this transition, ensuring you seize this narrow window of opportunity, and continue to present outstanding investment options.

The Portuguese Parliament has greenlit a proposal to conclude most investment options in the Golden Visa Program, including real estate investments. The decisive voting is slated for 19th July, and if ratified, the law will be passed to the President of the Republic for final approval. According to legal experts, we predict that the last date for submitting new applications under the existing program will be 10th August.

In the midst of this rapidly changing landscape, DRP Advisers is excited to bring you lucrative investment opportunities in Madeira. These newly launched residential projects are not only compatible with the current Golden Visa Program, but they also stand as exceptional real estate investments in their own right, unaffected by changes to the visa program.

Madeira, a picturesque island, has always been popular among European and local buyers. Its recent growth in tourism, increased connectivity with direct flights from many cities worldwide, and the steady rise in apartment prices have made it an increasingly attractive investment destination. The recently launched residential projects that we have on offer are sure to appeal to a wide range of investors.

**Why invest in Madeira with DRP Advisers?**

1. **Exceptional Residential Projects:**

We offer an array of high-quality, modern residential properties that meet the lifestyle needs of a diverse clientele, from local Portuguese and European families to international investors.

2. **Quality of Life:**

Madeira offers an exceptional quality of life, with its warm climate, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture. These residential projects make the most of this setting, offering comfortable and luxurious living spaces.

3. **Increasing Demand:**

Madeira's real estate market has seen a consistent rise in demand, largely due to the island's growing tourism, easy connectivity, and the excellent returns on investment as apartment prices have seen an annual rise of 20% in recent years.

4. **Investment Security:**

Madeira's real estate market has proven to be resilient, offering investors security and potential for growth. Additionally, while the government is set to restrict licenses for short rentals in residential apartments on the mainland, this does not apply to Madeira, opening up further investment avenues.

This is an opportune moment to invest in Madeira's residential real estate, with the added advantage of qualifying for the Golden Visa Program before the new law comes into effect. The Golden Visa is a bonus, as these properties are already attractive investment options due to their location, quality, and the strong demand in Madeira's real estate market.

For more information about these exciting investment opportunities and to understand how these changes to the Golden Visa Program could impact you, reach out to our team of experienced professionals at DRP Advisers.

At DRP Advisers, we're here to guide you every step of the way, providing timely updates and advising on the best investment strategies during this transition.

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