Best Schools in Portugal for Your Children


Choosing the best school is one of the deciding factors for families relocating toPortugal with children. Parents are particularly concerned about the school's reputation, cost, and instruction language. If you are relocating to Portugal with your children, there is no doubt that you will need to enroll them in atop school. Here are the best schools in Portugal for your children.

British School of Lisbon

This school has been recognized by The Schools Trust, a global nonprofit tasked with the growth of international schools worldwide, and it is registered and accredited in the United Kingdom.This English-speaking preparatory school serves students aged 3 to 8 from kindergarten through grade 4. Because the school is still in its early stages, new grades are added each year. To accommodate this, a fifth grade course is added when a student advances to the next grade level.

Curriculum: British

Language taught in: English

Tuition: Annual tuition starts at Є10,200 per year

Address: Rua de S. Paulo89, Lisbon

Greene’s Tutorial College

Greene Tutorial College is a sister college to the oldest tutorial college in Oxford, England. It is centered on the British Curriculum and helps students succeed in IGCSE and A-Level classes. Greens offers customized learning programs based on each student's preferred learning style. Individual sessions are taken in person and online by both part-time and full-time students. A carefully chosen and encouraging tutor sets the pace and objectives. 

Curriculum: British

Language taught in: English

Tuition: Є19,500 to Є26,000

Address: R. Dom Afonso Henriques,2765-576 Estoril

Deutsche Schule Lissabon

The German Lisbon School, also known as the German School, is a private school that teaches in bothGerman and Portuguese. It is divided into three sections: a kindergarten, an elementary school in Lisbon and Estoril, and a secondary school in Telheiras, Lisbon, with a little more than 1,000 students and 145 teachers.  

Curriculum: German

Language taught in: German& Portuguese

Tuition: Є6,380 per year

Address: Rua ProfessorFrancisco Lucas Pires 11, Lisbon

Park International School

Park provides an international education in the United Kingdom and has multiple campuses inLisbon. The school is the first and only one in Portugal to offer the entire Cambridge curriculum through Year 11, with the goal of providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to be active citizens of the world. Park also teaches students in grades 11 and 12 the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

Curriculum: American and IB

Language taught in: English and Portuguese

Tuition: Є6, 978 to Є16,908per year

Address: Estr. Alfragide 94, 2610-015 Amadora

Nobel International School Algarve

Nobel's two campuses in Lagoa and Almancil follow the curriculum of the Globe Ducate BritishInternational School. The two campuses in Lagoa and Almancil offer an English language program that is open to students from all over the world. Lagoa has a national section that follows the Portuguese Ministry of Education's official curriculum and enrolls children aged 3 to 18. Bilingual education is heavily promoted.

Curriculum: British and Portuguese

Language taught in: English and Portuguese

Tuition: Є4,000 to Є15,000per year

Address: Barros Brancos, EN125, Lagoa

Education in Portugal

Moving to Portugal is one of the best ways to get into some of the best international colleges. If you want to invest in Portugal and establish legal residency, please contact us right away. You can prepare your children for a prosperous future.

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