An Analysis of the 2022 Madeira Tourism Statistics


When considering the possibilities of a Portugal Golden Visa, Madeira is one of the top destinations that come to mind. Madeira's archipelagos, sandy beaches, welcoming people, and warm climate make it a leading destination for many tourists. Wise choice is an integral part of investing, so one ought to have facts backed by numbers to make an informed investment decision.

According to Statista overnight stays in Madeira from 2015 to 2020 peaked at over a thousand a night only declining in 2020 during the pandemic. As of 2022, the numbers peaked over a thousand per day based on statistics from the municipal government of Madeira. Annual figures of overnight stays exceeded 9 million for over 3 million visitors.

Why Madeira is so Popular?

A few reasons why many visitors love Madeira  

Viewing Breathtaking Scenery. The Island comprises black rocky beaches, lush valleys, dramatic cliffs, and an interior crisscrossed by ancient water channels.  
Swimming in the coastal rock pools. Madeira has a series of natural pools formed by volcanic activity and naturally filled with crystal clear water by the sea.  
One of the largest fireworks displays in the world. The entire bay is lit up with a spectacular pyrotechnics show on new year’s eve.  
Europe’s highest cliff Skywalk. At Cabo Girao, one can get stunning coastline views from the suspended glass platform of Europe’s highest skywalk.  
Beautiful Art Deco Food Market. One can get a taste of local life at the Mercado do Lavradores an Art Deco food market that dates back to 1940.  
Visiting the birthplace of football legend Cristiano Ronald. Madeira’s airport was renamed in 2017 to honor Madeira’s football hero Cristiano Ronaldo born in the Santo Antonio neighborhood of Funchal. Tributes are spread across the capital.  
Taking Toboggan rides through the streets. Visitors can take a cable ride up the mountains and hilltops of Monte to take toboggan rides into Funchal in a wicker sled.  
Savoring world-class wine. For over 500, years the Island of Madeira has been a top producer of the world’s best-fortified wines attributed to its fertile soil and warm climate.  
All year-round sunshine. Madeira has a sub-tropical climate with sunshine throughout the year. Spring is all year round.

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