A review of the 2022 Portugal Golden Visa Statistics


2022 was a tumultuous year with people from all over the world trying to catch up with lost time and embrace the ease of restrictions by the covid pandemic to travel and do business in general. The Portugal Golden visa created opportunities for several people helping them to recover from the complexities and economic climate created by the pandemic.

The Portugal Golden Visa makes investors and their families eligible to apply for Portugal EU citizenship after five years as legal residents. Upon investment, investors and their families attain Portugal residency legally, allowing them and their families to live and work in Portugal freely. 

As of 2022, the countries with the most citizens embracing the Portugal Golden visa were China, Brazil, the USA, SouthAfrica, and Turkey, with China having the most. More than 11,000 investors with approximately 18,000 dependent family members benefited from the program. Over the years, China has been at the top of the list with the most immigrants, followed by Brazil.

According to statistics by the Portugal Immigration and Border Service (SEF), in December 2022 alone, 151 investors with 192 family members received residency permit cards. Furthermore, for December, investment revenues attributed to the Golden Visa earned Portugal revenues to the tune of 79.2 million euros and 654.3 million euros over the year.

The Portugal Golden Visa, which has existed for ten years, started experiencing higher numbers in 2019, with 2022 having had the highest numbers compared to previous years. Investment options under the program include; real estate purchases, refurbishment, investment fund units, research projects, culture and support, investment in an existing business, and investment in company startups.

Some of the most sought-after investments leading to the Portugal EU Golden Visa are in the locations of Madeira, Evora, Lisbon, Algarve. Reputable brands like the Hilton, Hyatt, and Wyndham are synonymous with their captivating and phenomenal standards in Portugal. Investments were in real estate, with investors opting to buy a share of the hotels or purchase apartments with starting prices of 280,000 euros.

Portugal, named one of the world's top tourist destinations, is known for its archipelagos, sandy beaches, historical cities, welcoming culture, and rich heritage. Portugal has attracted many people from all over the world seeking to visit and make it their home.

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