What Madeira has to offer to investors?

February 13, 2023

Hello, 2023! We are excited to start this year with you and invite you to explore our beautiful country together.

January, first month of the year, we were privileged to spend on a magical island in the North Atlantic Ocean, Madeira. Not only it is an exceptionally beautiful destination for travellers, but also a promising investment hub. Although, constantly being amused by the flora and fauna of this place, we weren’t distracted from the main goal. Yes, finding the best investment opportunities for you!

What Madeira has to offer to investors?

First of all, did you know that Madeira has a Free Trade Zone for Businesses with just 5% tax rate? Check more information here.

Secondly, of course Madeira Real Estate. As of 2022, the annual figures of overnight stays exceeded 9 million for over 3 million visitors.‍ Which naturally makes it a perfect place to invest in real estate.

Golden Visa Program. It is one of the places, where you can still buy residential properties and qualify for Golden Visa. Investments start from 350,000 Euros and we have a vast portfolio of properties to share with you.

Touristic Apartments in the City Centre, Residential Apartments, Ocean View Villas, Townhouses…. The House prices in Madeira increased by 25.4% in 2022 and according to analysts will continue growing in 2023.

Madeira is embellished by everything that nature has given us. We wouldn’t be surprised, that mermaids and elves still inhabit this island.

DRP Advisers are enchanted by the beauty of Madeira and we invite you to invest and visit this diamond of the North Atlantic Ocean, or as it once famously called the Pearl of the Atlantic.

P.S. The weather is Madeira is amazing 365 days a year, this is a fact.

David Rabi, CEO of DRP Advisers with our Advisor Jose Pedro Borges in Funchal, January 2023

Madeira Legend

The ancient legend says that Virgin Mary and Saint Silvestre once were having a conversation while observing the ocean. Virgin Mary sounded distant and he asked her what was wrong. She then asked him if he remembered the island of Atlantis who had sunk due to the arrogance of it’s people, punished by God and started crying for the people of Atlantis. Silvestre noticed her tears weren’t water, but pearls. God noticed her pain and turned the most beautiful of those pearls into the island of Madeira, which is why it is called the pearl of the Atlantic Ocean.